Friday, May 6, 2011

Nothing good happens after midnight

It was "National shove a lobbyist off a bar stool" night on Tuesday in Albany. Jack O'Donnell, the spoiled, entitled son of political opportunist Denise O'Donnell, was smacked around a little bit by a big Indian who apparently had a little too much firewater...

"Why don't you like Indians?" Gonzales asked O'Donnell.

Gonzales accused O'Donnell of staring at another Seneca leader seated at a nearby table.

O'Donnell told Gonzales that he was only looking at a television, located near the table of Senecas, not the Native Americans. At that point, other Senecas urged Gonzales to go up to his hotel room. A short while later, Gonzales returned and shoved O'Donnell.

On behalf of everyone who hates lobbyists and friends of Steve Pigeon, we'd like to say thank you. The big question is, did his mommy give O'Donnell permission to be out at a bar at 2AM?

Seneca Nation council member accused of shoving Buffalo lobbyist

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