Saturday, May 21, 2011

South Bflo. now part of Fillmore District

This is the old map of the council districts. The new map will have the Fillmore District sink into South Buffalo to keep career politician David Franczyk's district predominantly white.

The reapportionment panel, a group of hangers-on associated with various Buffalo Common Council members, has come up with their plan to change the Council districts in the city of Buffalo.

The process is nothing more than an absurd charade. The whole objective of the committee is to make sure each district stays "voter friendly" for each of the council members, while keeping the district populations roughly the same. After all, these aren't temporary positions, but positions for life. This process has been made more difficult by the mass exodus taking place in every district except North and South Buffalo.

Voters in my district (the area between St. Agatha's Church and Tifft/South Park will undoubtedly be surprised to learn that they will soon be considered part of the Fillmore District. That way, perennial do-nothing, career politician Dave Franczyk will be able to keep his district predominantly white, ensuring many more years of twiddling his thumbs in city hall.

It's funny how the leaders of the city preach racial unity, yet go out of their way to divide neighborhoods by race and class. I'm calling for radical change. Under my plan, the Common Council would consist of seven people (two blacks, two whites, two Puerto Ricans, and the Council President, who will be of Burmese descent.
The district boundaries will be completely eliminated. The white residents of the city will pick two white representatives, the black residents will pick two black representatives, and the Puerto Ricans will pick two Puerto Rican leaders. The Council President will be chosen by a local witch doctor from Grant Street. If you have an issue, you call your representative. Why not? I'd rather do this than have stupid names like Lovejoy, Fillmore, and South that have nothing to do with where we live.

I notice that Coolidge Rd. is not part of the new Fillmore District. What would the McKinley Circle Lady do if that happened? All of her government funded flowers would probably wilt. She talks a good game, but she doesn't want to live next door to anyone who is not white, or working for the city. Why don't they just change the name of the new Fillmore District to The South Buffalo White Trash Region? That's obviously what the people downtown think of it. Personally, I could care less. I consider my neighborhood a lawless, tribal region (like Eastern Afghanistan).
We don't answer to any of the city hall suits, anyway. The people in my district listen to the words of the Rooster and read the words of the Blogger. The Rooster knows more about what goes on around here than anyone in city hall. With his Polish surname, perhaps the Rooster would make a good opponent for Franczyk next year in a three way race with Darnell Jackson...


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