Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Political opportunist

So now that Deputy Mayor Byron Brown is on board with Abbott Rd. Councilman Chris Scamlon and State Assemblyman Mickey Paladino regarding the sports field over at Mulroy Park, it begs the question. Is the Mckinley Circle Lady still adamantly opposed to this project? I mean, we have her and her cronies (from Hamburg) on tape at the Cazenovia Library speaking out vehemently against it (But that was when the mayor told them to oppose it). Lord knows these people don't possess the ability to think for themselves. At one point, she even said, "People aren't having big families any more. The numbers are dwindling. They're not into the sports programs like they used to be."  

Our three leagues at Tosh Collins now have seven teams in each age group (21). Compare that to the four teams they had when Lou "Pinocchio" Petrucci was running the program. He ran the league the same way he ran the school board-half ass.

I suppose now that Deputy Mayor Brown is supporting the project, the Circle Lady will be, too. You know she and her hack friends will be standing right behind the mayor when they cut the ribbon. And this my friends, is why anyone with half a brain knows her and her friends in the CLIQUE are nothing more than political opportunists, always with both hands out. Takers. Give me more Urkel! Give me more!

Here she is, at the aforementioned meeting, talking about how this field is unnecessary because families in the city aren't involved in organized sports like they used to be. She even makes the claim that most families playing soccer in South Buffalo are from the suburbs. Talk about lunacy! It's right here on tape...

"If Mr. Kearns wants to take the money for Nevilly Field, he's not going to get it."

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