Friday, November 30, 2012

Say no to property tax increase


Residents should not be fooled by Mark Poloncarz' deception. The easy thing for him to do is raise our property taxes, thus enabling him to play Santa Claus to every Arts and Cultural group in Erie County.

When he campaigned for County Executive, he promised to take care of these groups. The only thing he didn't tell us was that it would be us who would be footing the bill. There is money there to keep the basic groups afloat. What he wants is more of our money to fund all the fringe groups. Don't be fooled by this scammer. Half these groups should not be receiving public money. 

Keep the libraries and the museums open and do not rob the rest of us. We are well aware of this scam. People need to watch carefully as to how their legislators vote on this issue. Don't be fooled by Marky Mark's fancy graphs and made up statistics, telling us we are under taxed. Erie County residents know better!

WGRZ-TV: Lawmakers Divided Over Erie County Budget

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