Monday, November 26, 2012

Operation money grab


Under the guise of public safety, the New York State Ticket Writers harassed motorists all weekend in an effort to grab more tax money from already cash starved residents....

State police in Erie and Wyoming counties issued 367 tickets, including 170 citations for speeding, during a five-day traffic safety initiative that wrapped up today.

Troopers issue 367 tickets during safety blitz

Meanwhile, in parts of the area where crime actually occurs, residents were left to fend for themselves with limited protection from law enforcement...

96-year-old seriously injured in home invasion

Don't be fooled by these slick press releases. Outside of Buffalo's Parking Enforcement, under the talentless direction of scumbag Kevin Helfer, the New York State Police' main job is to fleece motorists attempting to use the Thruways. I'm all for ticketing people talking on cell phones and truly aggressive drivers, but the rest of these tickets are nothing more than a quick money grab. The money is then used to further corruption at all levels of New York state government. Do you think that money will makes it's way into your children's schools? Scammers.

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