Sunday, November 4, 2012

Off Tifft St.


The power of the blog. I was in McDonald's the other morning and I overheard some older gentlemen (who probably don't own computers) discussing neighborhood issues. One of the guys brought up Mickey Paladino to the crowd and was immediately shot down by the table's "Alpha-male"...

"Kearns? The only thing that guy ever does is call for one expensive study after another." Then, another man agreed and the topic quickly moved to Prostate cancer.

My sources tell me Mickey Paladino traveled to East Aurora the other day to buy a book from their library on President Millard Fillmore. (Not exactly sure which President it was, as the man who divulged this information to me was wearing a welder's mask).

Kearns' intent was to buy the book and place it in his office, in an effort to make himself look learned and well read. (I'm sorry if I just made you spill your morning coffee.) He apparently thought the rare book was on sale for $30 when in fact the cost was actually $300. $300 proved too much for our $100,000/year Study-caller. Kearns was on the 400 without the book quicker than one can say Brian Davis. No word yet on whether Mickey Paladino got on the 400N or ended up somewhere in Northern Pennsylvania.

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