Saturday, April 30, 2011

Red light scam

Deputy Mayor Byron Brown is trying to use money for the arts as a bargaining chip in his bid to push the red light camera scam on taxpayers. Don't fall for it. Members of the Common Council: Be warned. This will not go over well should you support this blatant money grab...

Fines paid by red-light runners who are caught on surveillance cameras would end up helping cash-starved cultural groups under a plan unveiled Friday by Mayor Byron W. Brown.

In a bid to advance a red-light cameras initiative that he has been touting for years, Brown is offering to use $300,000 from the project as one-time grants to dozens of arts groups that had their county funding eliminated this year.

As we've said all along, this is not a safety issue, as Brown asserted when he proposed the legislation months ago. It's simply an attempt to reach deeper into your pockets. This latest ploy proves he cannot be trusted. Watch for Riverside Councilmember Joe Golispek, who is clearly in Brown's pocket, to make ridiculous statements in favor of the cameras this week. He's already been identified by your Blogger as a tool. All this legislation will do, is make it more expensive to live here and drive more hardworking people out of state.


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