Thursday, September 16, 2010

The three stooges

This open letter from Ed Koch, Alphonse Tomato, and H. Carl McCall is an insult to the intelligence of all upstate voters. They say Carl Paladino is an embarrasment to the state. I don't really know much about McCall, but who do Koch and Tomato think they're fooling? Neither one of these buffoons ever looked out for the interests of New Yorkers. Both were in power way too long, with too little to show for it. Now, they are paid lobbyists trying to tell us what we should do? This is no more than a glorified infomercial for the entitled Andrew Cuomo.

As Paladino states, these guys are lobbyists with a vested interest in a Cuomo victory. They have no credibility and should have rotten tomatoes thrown at them wherever they go in public. Look at the mess New York State has become under their "leadership." Koch is a running joke. Crime was at an all time high when he was mayor of New York. If they don't like the fact that people are responding to Carl's message, they should move to another state. They've already done enough damage here. These people are underestimating the anger of today's voter. People have finally had enough.

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