Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Meet West Seneca's Meegan family: An entire family of scammers

One week after the new Executive Director announced a new way of doing business, the Erie County Water Authority hired the son of West Seneca Supervisor Sheila Meegan at $41,000/year.

While all Erie County residents should be appalled at this blatant nepotism, West Seneca residents should be particularly outraged. Timothy Meegan represents three generations of government scamming by the Chris Walsh family. While your kids are being forced out of state to find decent employment, this political family was able to create a no-show unnecessary position for their little snowflake. Grampa Walsh is one of the biggest scam artists in WNY, and now it looks like his daughter is carrying on the family tradition. And the entire family obviously has no shame.

This position wasn't advertised, because it was created specifically for Meegan's son. The only public official I see questioning it is Erie County Comptroller Stefan Mychajliw, who is publicly calling for the Authority to be audited. West Seneca residents: Remember this nonsense when Meegan tells you she represents the people. Total scam artist.

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