Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bills Fire Coach Jauron- Possible Replacements Rumored

Exercise enthusiast/flaming homosexual Richard Simmons

Morris Buttermaker, the drunken coach of the Bad News Bears

Sensei John "sweep the knee" Kreese from The Karate Kid

Former US Womens Gymnastics coach Bela Karolyi, the most annoying personality in US olympic history.

Coach Klein from The Waterboy, possibly the worst Adam Sandler movie ever made (and that's saying a lot, because he sucks).

The Buffalo Bills announced the firing of head coach Dick Jauron today. They are not naming a replacement but my sources tell me they've narrowed it down to a field of five potential candidates. Coach Buttermaker is the obvious frontrunner but the team has to interview Richard Simmons in order to meet the NFL's rule that at least one "minority" be considered for the position. Former Bills coach Hank Bullough is not in the running as had been previously reported.

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