Monday, June 24, 2013

Kennedy accepts bribe to keep School Board election in May

So, how much does it cost to bribe a New York State Senator? Apparently, $10,500.00. That's how much Tim "Horton's Kennedy took from the New York State Teachers union in exchange for keeping the Buffalo School Board elections in May (in a concerted effort to keep turnout low.) From the Buffalo News...

All Western New York senators voted for the bill, with the exception of Tim Kennedy. It's ironic because Kennedy previously co-sponsored the bill and voted for it twice.
His critics say pressure from the teacher's union caused him to flip flop. NYSUT donated $10,500 to Kennedy over the past year.

Having the election in May forces taxpayers to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay for all the election workers. Common sense would dictate having the election in November during the regular, general election. The Teacher's Union likes the election in May, that way, the only people who show up are teachers and their families. And guess which candidates they overwhelmingly support? The ones backed by the union, of course. (And you can't blame them. They're the ones looking out for the teachers' best interests.

How anyone could continue to vote for Kennedy amazes me. The next time you hear someone say, why do they hold the School Board Elections in May?, you can tell them, Because Tim Kennedy was bribed to vote to keep it that way. And you voted for this thief!

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