Thursday, June 6, 2013

Don't blame "The Blogger"

From Rogo:

 It seems like some comments made in jest to my fellow SAC members have ruffled some feathers.The club President has  mentioned a suspension to me.I accept all responsibility for my actions.I shouldn't  have used the blog to express my views.The SAC has done some good things over the years. I wish to thank the 2 members,Keith Hunt and Paul Bertini who made it out to help with the run last week. Also, a special thanks to Mr. Mugd and Mr. Guido,who despite being disabled and hardly able to move ,still got out to cover a corner.Thank you also to the CREW,you know who you are,those who come out and help whenever they are asked.Although it was only 20 minutes of your time it was important to the kids and the area.

(And as I said earlier, I take full responsibility for printing Rogo's words. I knew he was joking, but can see now how they could make others upset. I think he was just frustrated with the situation and probably should have waited 24 hours before venting. As one of the members told me today, "At the end of the day, we're all still friends." I definitely appreciate that and agree with it. With Rogo's sincere apology, I hope everyone accepts it and moves forward. As I said before, I apologize for printing his remark, because I know how many good deeds the S. Park Club does every year and would NEVER speak poorly of it.)

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