Thursday, December 13, 2012

Rally for Amanda this Saturday

Amanda Wienckowski's life was cut way too short at the hands of a gutless coward. Because of corruption and incompetence in city hall, her death has never been ruled a homicide. This, despite the fact that her frozen body was discovered in a garbage tote across the street from the last person who saw her. (A man with a history of violent crimes against women.)

Amanda's family has never made excuses for the choices she made in life. Fighting a long battle with addiction, she put herself in some difficult situations. However, she did not deserve to die the way she did, and her family deserves answers.

Leslie Brill, Amanda's courageous mother, will be holding a rally this Saturday December 12th at noon in front of City Hall. Empty Suit Brown won't be there, as he only shows up to feel good events, like parades and Street Namings. I believe the authorities underestimated Ms. brill's resolve. Her friends and family will not let Amanda be forgotten and are demanding justice. I also will never let this story die and encourage the public to join them this Saturday at noon to continue this fight. 

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