Sunday, December 9, 2012

Buddy reports from Miami


Buddy the Book reached out this week from Miami. I owe him $25 for last Monday night's game. Eli Manning: I hate your guts. But I have to give Washington's rookie QB credit for making the big plays. In his latest post, Buddy touches on a variety of subjects including, but not limited to, the Fiscal Cliff...

Buddy the book is vacationing and making his picks from beautiful downtown Miami, Florida.  Buddy is looking forward to running into his good buddy Nick Saban.  He indicates that Saban is a bookmaker's nightmare often putting a hurt on the point spread.  This weeks plays: N. Orleans (+5.5) over the Giants, Minnesota (+3) over Chicago, Carolina (+3) over Atlanta and Monday night upset special Houston (+3.5) over my beloved New England.  This is a revenge game from the last year's AFC Championship game.  Its gonna be a dandy! 

Last week Buddy was 2-2-1.  It's one of those opinionated days... Whatever happened to Chuck Knox!!!  The best coach in Buffalo Bills history.  I think I can see through my crystal ball and the ninj is driving up Red Jacket Parkway.  Everyone into the pool ! I gotta get some Heines!  1-800-bud-wins.

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