Saturday, November 5, 2011

Your taxes at work?

Here's Congressman Higgins enthusiastically endorsing Client #9.

At a time when Congressional approval ratings are at an all time low, Congressman Brian Higgins controls the most bloated staff of anyone. Are these staffers doing the peoples' work? Not if you check the phone records. Frank Max, who aspires to be the next Democratic Chairman called Higgins' staff 177 times during work hours. If you believe these calls are related to Cheektowaga sanitation, I have a bridge I'd like to sell you. Anyone with half of a brain knows these calls relate to Democratic politics and not policy...

Martin obtained Max’s 2010 phone records and found Max had made 177 calls to Rep. Brian Higgins’ office, as well as others to Leonard R. Lenihan, G. Steven Pigeon and other prominent Democrats. Nearly all of the calls, Max said, were with Jackie Schmid, Higgins’ executive assistant.

“It’s a crime to use town resources for personal and political reasons,” Martin said.

The point? Congressman Higgins' staffers are being paid $80,000/yr by you and I to conduct political business on taxpayer time. In a time when businesses are cutting jobs and politicians are asking citizens to do more with less, wouldn't it be nice to see the people we elect lead by example? But, I guess they and their overpaid staffers need to be rewarded for their years of prostitution.

GOP criticizes chief of sanitation



  1. Bro,i dont think you are wired properly.

  2. why? because i call them exactly what they are? why should we pay these hacks when all they're doing is political work? i'd rather keep my money, thanks.