Friday, November 11, 2011

Empty storefront, empty promises

Regular readers of this blog (there are actually two or three of them) have been inquiring about the status of the new WalMart on Seneca Street. It appears to me that it is a dead deal. Here is an excerpt from a May 2010 Buffalo News article on the proposed new business...

Walmart is proposing a smaller supercenter at an old retail site on Seneca Street at the Buffalo-West Seneca border. The store, which would bring 300 jobs, would "eliminate a vacant eyesore" — a large building that has sat empty and been a target for vandals for about eight years, West Seneca Supervisor Wallace Piotrowski said.

The rumor going around town these days is that it is not going to happen. Customers at Tony's Hairstyling on Seneca St. have been wondering about what they call another empty promise by local officials. I laughed when someone close to the situation commented on here that the project was taking a long time because of "environmental studies." Funny, but in areas WalMart actually wants to build, there are never any such delays. We did some digging and think the reason for the company not building here may have been hidden in the very same article. Just look at WalMart as the Bass Pro of South Buffalo...

Last week, he joined Walmart executives from Arkansas for a meeting with Mayor Byron W. Brown in Buffalo City Hall to discuss the project. Formal plans have yet to be submitted for approval.

Red flag! There's your answer.

Walmart eyes Seneca Street location for new store


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  1. Schroeder makes a major promise and then moves on to another plush job where he can high five and chug beers with South Buffalo suckers not to mention peddling more bullshit!!!!!!