Friday, November 4, 2011

Wack pack's NFL picks: week nine

Buddy "the Book" from Amherst

Buddy is pumped for his favorite day of the year next week-Veteran's Day. Veteran's Day can only mean one thing for Buddy-a free meal. He said he plans on going to three different Chilli's locations in Western New York to take full advantage of the yearly promotion. Take that Ninja! We're not sure if Buddy served in Vietnam, Korea, or most likely Grenada.

As for his picks, Buddy is going with Buffalo, Baltimore, Tennessee, NY Giants, and San Diego. He is also picking Bishop Timon by 12 points over St. Mary's of Lancaster. Buddy ran into assistant coach Dave Comerford last night at Pasquales Pizza and wished him good luck on the remainder of the season.
last week:3-2-0
overall record:

*On a side note, I probably went a bit overboard with my criticism of St. Joe's quarterback Chad Kelly. I had heard he referred to Bishop Timon as "white trash" and I was simply defending my neighborhood. I thought they've done a good job over there this year, turning around a struggling program. I probably shouldn't have dragged Chad's Uncle Jim into the mud as much as I did, as he had nothing to do with it. I wish Chad good luck in the playoffs as he is a very good player in his own right. If they end up meeting St. Francis, it should be one of the best games of the year, if not the best.

Here is a clip from the elder Kelly's first game as a Bill. I won a bet with one of my former clients that it was Marty Lyons, and not Joe Klecko who inspired this classic line from the recently deceased referee, Ben Dright. Kelly might remember my client showing up at the Boulevard Mall with his Houston Gamblers USFL helmet to ask him about this game. This was when Bills' fans knew the team was for real and no longer going to accept any more 2-14 seasons...

The Rooster (with help from MacGavis)...

The Rooster crowed all week about his 4-1 showing last week. Finally, MacGavis decided to buy the bird some feed at Mineo's Pizza (and pay the tip) in hopes of shutting him up. Just like Buddy, the Rooster will put a lock on his beak for a free meal. This week, he likes Baltimore(+3) over Pittsburgh in their heated rivalry. He points out that the Steelers are without three of their starting Backers. The Ravens will run the ball all day long, he predicts. Ninja, the Rooster says to take the under (43) in this one. Secondly, take the Dolphins(+4) over the Kansas City Chiefs for their first victory. In an upset special, the Rooster is taking San Diego (+6) over the undefeated Green Bay Packers. The Chargers have stunk this year and everything would point to an easy victory by the Packers, but as Father Ruppert McCaan used to say, "something's rotten on Emslie Street." Hahaha. I like that one. MacGavis says stick with a winner and go with the Bills over loudmouth Rex Ryan's Jets 23-20.

The Faz wanted to remind everyone that with the help of the South Park SAC, Our Lady of Charity Holy Name, Councilmember Kearns' office, and other donors, they will once again be giving baskets to the needy at Thanksgiving and Christmas. The always generous Faz is calling on Uncle MaGiven and Ray to match his two turkey offering. The baskets are a full Thanksgiving meal along with soups, macaroni and cheese, juices, and other foods that can be used. Anyone interested in donating can drop them off at Griffin's Irish Pub (81 Abbott Rd.) or Burkey's Sportswear (904 Abbott Rd.). If you have the means, this is a very good cause. The recession has hurt many people very hard in this area. Many of the people going without this time of year are children, as well as adults. Times are tough, but things like this are what makes our community great.

last week: 4-1-0
overall record


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