Monday, November 14, 2011

Bloomberg makes fool of himself-again

New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg should keep his mouth shut and stick to the one thing he's good at-writing checks. Bloomberg traveled to Washington last week and lectured the federal leaders on living within their means. The only problem? New York City's capital debt has almost doubled under Bloomberg since 2000. From the Associated Press...

NEW YORK — New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has urged the federal government to live within its means. But at the same time, the city's capital debt has nearly doubled since 2000.

The debt has risen from $39.2 billion in 2000 to $73.5 billion in 2011, the New York Post reported Sunday ( ). That's $8,763 per New Yorker.

Last week, Bloomberg gave a speech in Washington urging the federal government to move quickly to reduce its deficit.

Born with a silver foot in his mouth, Bloomberg should worry about his city's ability to fight three inch snow "storms". This man is so out of touch with the common citizen, it's ridiculous. The only borough Bloomberg can relate to is Manhattan. Leadership positions in America can now officially be bought. As Bloomberg proves on a daily basis, competence is not a requirement.


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