Saturday, November 12, 2011

What a loser

Mike Winder, the mayor of the Salt Lake City suburb West Valley, was caught using a fake name and identity to write flattering articles about his projects to the town's papers. He was able to fool at least four local publications....

The mayor of a Salt Lake City, Utah, suburb has confessed to creating a fake name to write stories for area newspapers in order to disseminate "good news" about his town.

West Valley Mayor Mike Winder admitted he used the name Richard Burwash to contribute more than a dozen stories over a two-year span.

What a tool. Talk about insecure. Why didn't he use Brian Higgins' old trick and just have one of his bumbling stooges sign their name to one of his self flattering letters? He went so far as to create a fake email account and pretend to be his alter ego (Richard Burwash)during phone conversations. I could never vote for someone this deceitful in any election. If he's willing to lie about this, what is he not willing to lie about? If I lived in West Valley, I'd probably shout, "Hey Richard!" real loud, every time I saw him at the supermarket.

Just look at Winder's photo. He looks like Greg Marmalard from the movie Animal House. A guy who will do anything (moral or immoral) to make himself look good. These people are so easy to see through, it amazes me that more people do not...


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