Saturday, November 19, 2011

School #17

It's hard to believe the students can be so disruptive and demanding in class when their parents demonstrate such great respect for authority. If you sit home and watch Jerry Springer all day, I guess you find different ways to resolve differences...

Two women were arrested Friday after they threatened the assistant principal of School 17 and refused to leave the Newburgh Street school’s cafeteria, Buffalo police said..

Vanessa N. Pomales, 28, of Forest Avenue, and Erica Arroyo, 30, of Lisbon Avenue, were each charged with harassment, criminal trespass and child endangerment.

Police said the disturbance occurred shortly before 1:30 p. m., when the two entered the cafeteria and threatened Assistant Principal Carrie Meyers, who ordered them to leave the school. Several second-graders witnessed the confrontation, police said.

Two accused of threat to assistant principal



  1. i dont watch springer and you dont know the whole story okay, so please speak on the things you know about.


  2. Did you refuse to leave the cafeteria when you were asked to? Fighting with the assn't principal in front of the students is a low class, Springeresque move. Sorry, friend. Why don't you enlighten my readers and tell us what happened?

  3. well first the reason i went to the school was because the lunch lady, threatened my daughter told my child that she cant stand her and that she was going to get her 12 yr old to punch my baby girl in the mouth, my daughter was 9yrs old, so yes i went to the school to talk to this lunch lady and it was the lunch lady who became irrate and getting "GHETTO" when the asst. principle came and said i handled this already, so i said how did you handle this situation without even notifying the parent??? what that woman did was a form of bullying and the asst. principle start screaming leave, get out of here and when she asked me to leave i did just that with my daughter, she however followed me, and when we got to the 2nd landing she screamed at my daughter this is all your fault and poked my daughter in the face hard enough for my daughters head to move, so i pushed the lady and said bitch dont u ever put your hands on my kid how dare you, then she was all ahhh she accosted me did you see that, called the cops and my sister and I got arrested, i was 8 months pregnant, the cops wouldnt listen to me and told me i should have called them first as soon as she put her hand on my Kota bear......... I dont understand how this school #17 could tolerate bullying especially from an adult, they wasnt going to tell me and basically swept it under the rug. The school is classless and that wasnt the first bullying incident my daughter endured from an adult at that school, more like the third, when can parent and up for her child??? when do i say enough is enough??? each incident was handled poorly i admit i should have transferred my daughter after the first incident..... i ended up in jail pregnant for trying to protect my daughter