Friday, December 3, 2010

A new low

In a new low for local scam artists, some lowlifes went on the New York state Thruway and tried to charge stranded motorists $75 for three gallons of gas. They even went so far as to wear "official" NY State Thruway Authority jackets. Motorists were tipped off when they realized at $25 per gallon, the scammers' price was much cheaper than the real New York State officials would have charged...

Con Artists try $75 gas scam

Some people apparently tried to gouge gas-needy motorists who were stranded on the Thruway by the lake-effect storm. Men in official jackets, perhaps posing as Thruway Authority workers, tried to sell gas to stranded motorists Thursday morning for $25 a gallon.

"They were offering gas for $75 for three gallons," said Marc Gonzalez, a property manager from Buffalo, who was stranded overnight near Exit 54 in West Seneca. "They came through and said they were from the Thruway Authority. The same story was told by Mike Gayle, a truck driver from Toronto who also was stranded near Exit 54.

"They said this was the price if you needed fuel on the Thruway, $75 for three gallons," Gayle said, who was headed to Toronto from Ohio when he hit gridlock late Wednesday night. "People were wondering how they were going to get fuel [if they were stuck] up there. These guys said this was the official price."


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