Friday, March 9, 2018

Bohen Gaining Momentum in Race for Assembly

If lawn signs are any indication, candidate Erik Bohen has gained great momentum in the race to succeed former Assemblyman Michael Kearns, whose tenure in Albany can only be described as underwhelming.

Despite the old adage that "signs don't vote", there is no doubt that the number of Bohen supporters in high voter areas is greater than expected. Bohen's support comes from his years of community involvement and his reputation as a hard worker and intelligent leader. I'm told his events have been packed with supporters from both political parties. With this type of bipartisan support, I believe he has a great chance in the April special election.

In a shameless attempt to grab headlines, his opponent, Pat Burke is pretending to take on the Erie County Water Authority. As is usually the case with politicians, it's not what it appears to be. The Water Authority is being run by criminals from both political parties. These lowlifes were all given their jobs with the blessings of their respective party chairmen. Many are big donors. Pat Burke is trying to portray himself as a champion for all taxpayers, yet he is only willing to go after the Republican crooks. He completely ignores the crooks from his own party. If Burke were sincere, he'd vote against the handpicked candidate of the Democratic Party Chairman and speak out publicly against the practice of party chairmen essentially appointing one of their friends to the position of Erie County Water Authority Executive Director. I  guarantee he will not vote against the political crony they hand pick, because that crony is from his party. A true reformer would not support this type of corruption and would be calling for hearings to change the selection process.

If you  have not met candidate Erik Bohen, I encourage you to look at his background and record of community service. He is a Democrat who was snubbed by the local Democrats in exchange for Burke, who County Executive Poloncarz and Democratic Chairman Jeremy Zellner know will do their bidding. Because there are no primaries in Special Elections, Bohen chose to accept the Republican and Conservative support. His family's deep history with Labor Unions give him instant support from both sides of the aisle. It is this community involvement and bipartisan support that has many people Goin' with Bohen.

*(Update: Career political donor Mark Carney was appointed as the new commissioner of the Erie County Water Authority. As I predicted in the article, Pat Burke voted to appoint Carney, despite his obvious political ties and lack of qualifications. The lone dissenting vote came from Amherst Democrat Thomas Loughran who called the proceedings a "joke." If you vote for Burke on April 24th, expect this same type of rubber stamping cowardice every time it supports Andrew Cuomo's agenda. He will undoubtedly act as a shill for Cuomo.)

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