Thursday, February 20, 2014

Bishop Malone: no fan of Tim Kennedy

Looks like we can add Bishop Malone to the ever growing list of former Tim Kennedy supporters. From today's Buffalo News...

“For anyone to say that he or she is a faithful Catholic and to be pro-abortion/pro-choice rights is totally inconsistent with Catholic teaching, which is clearly articulated in the catechism of the Catholic Church,” Malone said.

Meanwhile, the disingenuous Kennedy responded with the typical, tiresome BS response that while he personally is Pro-Life, politically he is Pro-Choice...

“I maintain my personal views on this issue, but my decisions in the State Senate impact about 300,000 individuals who live in my district and over 19 million people who live across the State of New York,” he added in the statement.

This is why people can't stand career politicians. He says in essence, "I'm against it, but I'm voting for it." He should be a man and stand up for what he believes in regardless of the issue. I don't care whether someone is Pro-Life or Pro-Choice, however, decide where you stand and stop the tap dancing nonsense.

I'd like to tell Bishop Malone this: I live in his neighborhood and Tim Kennedy isn't for or against anything. He was against abortion originally (because it sold to the elderly South Buffalo Catholic voters in his district and guaranteed him the coveted Conservative Party endorsement.) Then, when the gay marriage issue came about, he had no idea what to do. Eventually, he was told by the people pulling his strings that he had to support it. He received a great deal of financial support from groups supporting that piece of legislation. But this led to him losing the Conservative endorsement. Now that he knows he won't be getting the Conservative endorsement, he will support Cuomo's Bill (and I'm sure Kennedy was offered something nice by the Governor's people to do so). But don't worry. If our next governor is Pro-Life, I'm sure Tim will change "his" views once again.

The idea that Kennedy stands for anything is laughable. All you have to do is look at his track record and follow the money. The problem for Tim is that the number of people he's turned off is growing every day. The voters (young and old) are becoming on to him. A dark horse awaits...

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