Friday, January 31, 2014

Super Bowl likes and dislikes

-I don't like Peyton Manning. Never trust a guy whose hairline advances an inch every year instead of recedes. And nobody really cares about your brother or your father, or your mother for that matter.

-I don't like Marshawn Lynch.

-I do like that this year's game is being played outdoors, in cold weather, on natural grass.

-I don't like halftime shows. I decided this after the 2nd half of one of the Bills' Super Bowls was postponed while they waited for the smoke to clear from the field.

- One word: wardrobe malfunction.

-I don't like Pete Carroll. Looks and acts too much like a sissy.

-I do like the way Richard Sherman plays, but I think he should let his play speak for itself.

-I don't like those stupid commercials. You sit there, waiting for something funny to happen, and then it ends, and you say, "what the hell was that supposed to be about?" To think, people are paid big money to turn out that crap.

-I don't like Justin Bieber. I know this one has nothing to do with the Super Bowl, but it needed to be said.

-I don't like people who talk about their "squares" incessantly during the game. "If Seattle goes for a two point conversion and catches a field goal and  Denver kicks a touchdown, but misses the extra point, I'll win $100."

-I do like whoever the guy was who invented the Lingerie Bowl.

-I do like when players say ridiculous things after the game. Like, when a heavy favorite wins the game and one of their players says,"Nobody thought we could do it, nobody gave us a chance, but we believed in ourselves. Praise be to God!" You were favored by 10 points. Pretty much everyone thought you could do it.

-I do like it when Armenian Kickers try to throw forward passes in the Super Bowl...

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