Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Forget what you know

Have you seen this kid yet? Jacob Barnett, an autistic 14 year old child prodigy from Indiana, who is a leading candidate for a Nobel Peace Prize. When he was in Kindergarten, he failed fingerprinting and was put into special classes.

What I find interesting about him is the way he says great minds came up with things after they stopped learning and began their own unique way of thinking. He says Albert Einstein, whose Theory of Relativity he is currently trying to disprove, began learning after he was rejected by a University (for being Jewish in pre-Nazi Germany) and was forced to work in a patent office. He says Newton discovered Physics, when his school was forced to close for two years due to the Plague. 

I encourage you to listen to his 18 minute lecture. He's quite funny. He says instead of being a student in a specific field, you should "become the field." Quite brilliant, actually...

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