Sunday, June 17, 2012

The beginning of the end at the News?

Looks like the Buffalo News has fallen upon hard times. They're about to charge subscriptions to view their website...

If you don't have a print subscription, you'll be able to buy a digital subscription for $2.49 a week. (Even without a digital subscription, everyone will have free access to some content: 10 stories a month on the website, as well as all of our breaking news, our home page, classified advertising, including death notices, and more.)

That'll be the day I pay one dime to read last week's news!  I'll simply go to the Associated Press or Reuter's websites to find out what is going on. For local news, there is always WGRZ, YNN, WBEN,WIVB, and I think WKBW still exists, also. 

I have mixed feelings about the inevitable demise of the Buffalo News. There is something about holding a newspaper in your hands or in front of you on a table that a website cannot duplicate. However, it couldn't happen to a nicer group of people. Editor Margaret Sullivan seems very professional and inherited a very difficult job. However, the News' editorial board are the biggest group of scumbuckets around. They've alienated so many readers with their political bias throughout the years. They complain about elected officials, yet endorse 25 year incumbents on a regular basis. Everyday, I check how much money this blog has earned. Then, I add 75 cents to it. That's how much I used to waste on what they pass off as news. I'll miss Rod "Race Card" Watson, Gene Warner, and Bob McCarthy, but why pay 75 cents a day to find out the latest local male "celebrity" Donny Esmonde has a crush on?

It will be funny to see how many people are dumb enough to spend $10/month on content readily available for free. It should help sites like this one out. When people can't access local news for free anymore, they'll be looking to other alternatives. And Buffalo News: the news will find it's way to blogs like mine whether you like it or not. Good riddance.
Revamped website, other upgrades linked to subscriptions


  1. They were too arrogant as to online news and are light years behind reality. Arrogant advertising department lost my business advertising years ago. Get with the times snooze!

  2. The Mayor.(the real only Mayor Buffalo has had in eons...Jimmy).. called it so many years ago..."the. Snooze"..He called as he saw! !!!!!

  3. I for one am glad that you are contributing to what I'd like to call the "Alt Media" in WNY. For me? Your site works as well as a "Drop in replacement" to the Snooze.

    1. Thank you WNY Liberal. Although, as you know, I'm probably more conservative than liberal, I always appreciate seeing both sides. I definitely respect your take on things.