Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Stevie Wonder could have caught that pass

Not a big fan of a guy doing a choreographed routine after a five yard touchdown. However, one thing we've learned about Bills' Receiver Stevie Johnson is that emotion is a big part of his game. The mimicking of a self inflicted gunshot wound was obviously in poor taste. Everyone knows that Jets' Receiver Plexico Burress spent a year in the Big House after accidentally shooting himself in a crowded bar. But the comments from Jets' Defensive Tackle Sione Pouha were even more ridiculous than Johnson's antics, if you ask me...

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. (AP) - New York Jets defensive tackle Sione Pouha says the touchdown celebration by Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson was insensitive to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Pouha says Monday that Johnson putting his arms out and acting like a plane - something Santonio Holmes does after scoring - but then crashing into the turf in the Jets' 28-24 win Sunday was "kind of a dagger" because of the attacks that occurred 10 years ago in Manhattan, a few miles from MetLife Stadium.

Pouha says it was an "unprofessional" gesture by Johnson, whom he says didn't take into account that 9/11 is a "sacred moment."

Get over yourself, Pouha. Talk about a stretch. The name of your team is the New York Jets! The last thing on anyone's mind when Johnson scored was the September 11th terrorist attacks. We've become so sensitive about everything these days. I can see if Johnson pretended to crash his imaginary plane a month after the attacks, but come on. It's been ten years! It reminds me of the time Dolphins' coach Jimmy Johnson stomped on the box of Flutie Flakes after a Dolphins' victory and Flutie remarked that "it was like he was stomping on his autistic son." No. It was like he was glad that he finally beat you.

Johnson is a young guy who hopefully will learn from this moment of stupidity. As I said before, Jerry Rice and Marvin Harrison never spent any time planning their end-zone celebrations, because they were there too often. Chad Ochowhatever figured out the best way to solve his celebratory nonsense was to stop catching touchdowns (or passes) altogether. Johnson does play with a great deal of passion and I hope he continues to improve. I like the way he plays, except for the pre-planned celebrations. On the positive side, channel 7 has asked him to co-host this years' New Years Eve Ball Drop with former Bill Ronnie Harmon. Clip Smith is laughing about that one, somewhere.

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