Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Paladino Gives Buffalo School Board an Education

Buffalo School Board Member Ralph Hernandez, also known as "tattoo".

Business developer Carl Paladino spoke at the latest Buffalo Board of Education meeting on Wednesday. He criticized the board's decision to block the charter schools from busing their students. He suggested the board create a boarding school for troubled youth.

Superintendent James Williams responded in an unprofessional manner by calling Paladino, a self made successful businessman, an ignorant SOB. This sounds like the pot calling the kettle black. I wonder what the Memphis school district would think if they heard such language? Williams then asked Paladino to return the $470,000 he earns from the Buffalo school system.

Giving money to the Buffalo schools would be like giving money to a heroin addict. These people don't care about "the children" as Williams spouts every time there is a camera in front of him. They would just use it to create more jobs for suburban residents like James Kane and Dave "Donuts" Thomas. It's politics as usual at these meetings as the board and Williams do nothing but pat themselves on the back. If you're ever suffering from insomnia, I suggest you watch one of these meetings on the government channel. To hear them talk, Williams and the board make it sound like the Buffalo schools are the model for all other school districts in our area to follow. They can't find anyone to sub in Buffalo because the schools are in such a state of disarray. Paladino is the only one telling it like it is. He speaks in regular plain English, a language that Williams and the arrogant school board members could never comprehend. They don't like to hear the truth because the board knows people might start holding them accountable for the sad state of the schools.

Sitting right next to Williams at these sham meetings is Ralph Hernandez. He got elected by talking about reform and was a frequent critic of Williams a few years back. The word on the street is that Williams bought him off by putting half of Hernandez' family on the payroll and supporting him for Board President. You hear this guy on the radio and he sounds like Joe Pesci. Then, you see him on TV next to Williams, and he looks like a mafia Don, all 5 ft. 3 of him. All the school board members have other full time jobs. Most are on some sort of government payroll and wouldn't know what it means to take a risk (like Carl Paladino did). Ralph Hernandez is the rare exception. Here's rare footage of Ralph Hernandez working at his full time job. My apologies to Herve' Villechaize:

Paladino blasts School Board for limiting charter school busing*

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