Saturday, November 3, 2012

Distinguished professor

Congratulations to South Buffalo native and Bishop Timon graduate Alberto Benitez on winning the 2012 Elizabeth Hurlock Beckman Award...

Twenty-two distinguished professors from universities around the United States will each receive a $25,000 one-time cash award from the Elizabeth Hurlock Beckman Award Trust for inspiring their former students to make a significant contribution to society. The awards ceremony will take place at The Carter Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

Although not as prestigious as the Buckeye Newshawk Award, the Beckman is a great honor. Benitez traces his leadership abilities to growing up in South Buffalo on Remoleno Street and playing soccer in the Heacock Park Bundesliga. Alberto heads the Immigration clinic and teaches law at George Washington University in Washington D.C. He has done great work in his field and has a tremendous passion for what he does. Perhaps growing up in a Mexican American family in an Irish Catholic neighborhood contributed to this passion to help others.  The award is a great honor because the recipients are all nominated by current and former students. We all can look back at high school and college and remember specific teachers who went the extra mile for their students. And, I think everyone can agree, these were truly inspirational people. Congratulations, Alberto and keep representing the hood'.

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