Sunday, November 4, 2012

Criminal impersonation?

I received this email from Matt Cole, A.J. Verel's campaign manager. Apparently, the McKinley Circle Lady is at it again. This time, impersonating law enforcement? Here's what she does, and keep in mind, this is only done to people who are not in the CLIQUE. After all, they have the nerve to stand up to the same status quo politicians that she fawns over

If one of them places a sign somewhere she feels they're not supposed to, she  delivers an envelope complete with official Buffalo Police Department letterhead, informing them they are in violation of the law. The only problem is she has no connection to the Buffalo Police Department and has no right to use their name. It is clearly an effort to threaten, intimidate, and deceive the recipients. The intent is to make them think they are receiving a warning from the Buffalo Police Department, as opposed to a warning from some crackpot down the street.

CuckooClockWticks CRT036801 CuckooClockWticks CRT036801  Talk about bold, arrogant, and perhaps even illegal behavior on her part. If I passed out literature claiming to represent the B.P.D., I'd probably be brought up on criminal impersonation charges. But I guess when you're in the CLIQUE,  you're above the law and don't have to follow the same rules as the rest of us. I think the fact that she's allowed to continue this odd behavior is ridiculous. People should have the right to support whomever they want without being intimidated by partisan hacks. Here is the email I received , along with a copy of one of her fake B.P.D. "summonses"...      Complaints have been coming in from numerous residents of South Buffalo who, for months, have been receiving letters in the mail in Buffalo Police Department envelopes demanding they take down "AJ Verel for Buffalo Common Council" lawn signs. Several concerned residents, with the assistance of the Verel campaign who themselves received said letters, have traced the letters back to a member of opponent Chistopher Scanlon (a bartender and former car salesman)'s South District Buffalo Common Council campaign, M---- R---, an active South District resident. The Buffalo Police Department have confirmed that the letters are NOT from them. Residents of high traffic McKinley Avenue properties were among the first to trace the identity of the sender when, in fact, Ms. R--- knocked on their door personally to ask if they received her letter and went so far as to hand them another, also in a Buffalo Police Department envelope. Matt Cole Verel for Common Coucil Campaign Manager Here's a copy of one of the "summonses" she delivered to an innocent neighbor. Look at the Buffalo Police Department letterhead on the envelope. Talk about fraudulent...

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