Saturday, November 10, 2012

Election fraud starts at the top

You want to watch someone lie for an entire interview? Watch the B.S. Elections Commissioner Dennis Ward tries to give News 4's George Richert. Ward votes out of a house in Amherst in which he hasn't lived for 7 years. He says essentially, "It doesn't matter where you live. You can live in one town and vote in another." It turns out he needs to vote in Amherst in order to control the town's Democratic committee (the same group that appoints him Commissioner). Sorry, liar. Most people define residence as where they actually live...

Ward said he lives with his wife in Kenmore, but is still registered on Capen in Amherst, explaining, "Well, I've had my voting residence there for 25 years. I've owned the house, I've never changed, it's my legal residence."

But Ward admitted to that he actually collects rent from the people who now live in the Amherst home where he used to live and still votes from that polling location.

Please. Save us the nonsense. More proof that this area has WAY more politicians than it needs. The fact they can look into a camera and utter total B.S. and get away with it repeatedly. A damn fool could watch this story on WIVB and know Ward is F.O.S. Not to be outdone, Arthur "Champ" Eve from the entitled Eve family, Ward's chief deputy, also does not live in the house he is registered in. What a joke...

Official votes where he doesn't live

Broke into the old apartment
Forty-two steps from the street
Crooked landing, crooked landlord
Narrow laneway filled with crooks
This is where we used to live...

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