Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Big win for Mychajliw


"The Ukranians have risen! Long live Stefan the Uke!" Text from the Ninja (a Ukrainian American himself) this morning

Western New York's burgeoning Ukrainian community came out in droves and elected one of their own yesterday. Former channel 2 reporter Stefan Mychajliw defied the odds and defeated Democrat incumbent Paul "Wide Right" Shenk.

I was humbled during Mychajliw's acceptance speech, when he said the turning point in the race was when he received my backing. Apparently, the number of voters  hailing from Forrest Avenue and Gowanda increased exponentially, the minute our endorsement was given. Mychajliw went on to say he planned on doing thorough interviews and hiring the best and brightest WNY has to offer. And it wasn't just lip service. WBEN has confirmed that as early as this morning, he has tapped eccentric Mathematician and political neophyte Tom Robinson (pictured below) from the Village of Sloan as his Director of Finance). This guy is a little bit different, but a real numbers cruncher, I'm told...


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