Friday, November 16, 2012

Public service message?

I had to laugh when I saw the billboard on South Park and Bailey the other day: "Congratulations Congressman Brian Higgins". As if we actually live in a Democracy and Higgins has ever been anything but a product of the corrupt local Political Insiders Club.

North Korea's Kim Jong II, the son of the recently deceased dictator, is more representative of Democratic government than the entitled Higgins.

As a young 20 something, Brian Higgins was transferred to a South Buffalo apartment from his Elma home, so he could be GIVEN a seat on the Buffalo Common Council. So much for democracy. Then, after losing the County Comptroller election to Nancy Naples, Higgins didn't have to go work for a company. He was GIVEN a no-show job with the Erie County Legislature. After winning his seat in Congress, Higgins was GIVEN a district with virtually no Republicans, ensuring no legitimate competition for the next 75 years.

Congressman Brian Higgins represents the South Buffalo CLIQUE at it's finest. He's never held a private sector job in his life. Congratulations? Can someone please tell me what we're congratulating him for? Has anyone seen the population loss data for this area from 1987 to the present? The current Congress is widely regarded as the most ineffective in history. Career politicians like Higgins have done NOTHING to keep young people in this region or promote private sector growth. This billboard is a joke, placed by obvious sycophants looking to gain favor with an entrenched incumbent.

If you look at the small print at the bottom of it, it says "a Public Service Message" from the Outdoor Advertisers of America. I always thought public service meant anti drug messages or pictures of missing children. Congratulating an entrenched politician? Hardly public service. This advertising company should be charged with Pandering.

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