Friday, December 3, 2010

The News calling the kettle black

In an editorial today, the Buffalo News reminded newly elected State Senator Mark Grisanti to put his constituents ahead of Albany's special interests. They also mentioned my good friend Assemblyman Mark Schroeder...

Someone like Grisanti who overcame adversity, even after losing to Thompson in a 2008 primary, can help in that effort—as long as he can place his constituents before his benefactors. It can be done.

Assemblyman Mark Schroeder has proven to be the area exception, standing up early on to Democratic Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and paying a heavy price for doing so.

Schroeder may not have those go-along-to-get-along perks so many politicians enjoy but he has the attention of his constituents who clearly like his independent style.

While I agree with them on Schroeder, the News doesn't have an ounce of creditability otherwise. Year in and year out, they choose to endorse the very same incumbents they criticize in this editorial for not serving their constituents. Which is it guys? They criticize the incumbents for not having any guts, yet can't wait to endorse them each November.

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