Friday, December 3, 2010

Cleanup continues in South Buffalo

The city of Buffalo continues to struggle in it's efforts to clear 20% of the city of snow. Imagine if the whole city was snowed in. This Public Works Commissioner (Steven Stepniak) is a real competent fellow. Last year, my mother sent him a nice letter suggesting they keep the marina open year round. He sent a response (which she still has) explaining that the cold weather we have here would make it impossible to do so. Two months later, Brian Higgins and Deputy Mayor Brown were down there with their Elmer Fudd hats on, announcing they were going to keep it open all year.

I just came in from West Seneca on Potters Road. As soon as I crossed the border, I got a welcome to Buffalo message in the form of large ice chunks covering the pavement. South Park Avenue and Seneca Street were a mess, too. 48 hours after the storm. However, I thought they did a good job on the side streets by my house. Commissioner: I know you guys read my fantastic articles. If you want positive press next storm, I'll be expecting a crew of ten workers in front of my house immediately after the first snowfall. I also would appreciate my driveway plowed and a case of beer left at my door. Like the neighborhood boss in the Godfather said, all I'm asking you to do is wet my beak...

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