Monday, December 6, 2010

"Swoop and squat" insurance scam

I'm not sure if this scam is still popular in California today. I can't believe they can find people willing to do it. A car full of people get right in front of a truck on the highway. A second car boxes the truck in so it can't switch lanes. The first car goes slow so the truck tailgates it. Finally, a third car comes along and swerves dangerously in front of the first car, forcing it to slam on it's brakes. The truck then slams into it. The drivers of the car claim fake injuries.

The scammers target trucks because they know they have large amounts of insurance money. The drivers of the cars (usually recent immigrants) get a few hundred dollars for risking their lives. The insurance lawyers who orchestrate the scam make off with tens of thousands of dollars and never even put their own lives at risk. Nice people.
When looking for drivers, the insurance people hire a middle man. He targets people down on their luck who will do anything for money. If they were pulling the scam around here, they would probably seek out South Buffalo Committeemen...

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