Sunday, December 5, 2010

The blame game

Whatever you might think of the mayor's snow removal performance, people should not take it out on the crews removing the snow. These guys have a very difficult job. They are often times unappreciated by the city hall hierarchy, until a storm of this magnitude comes along. Then, they are asked to perform double and triple shifts without much rest.

The two plow operators I tried to bribe(my driveway wasn't going to clear itself) were both really down to earth guys. Overall, I thought it took a long time to start the process of clearing the streets. But once it started, the city crews worked hard. It's not an easy job, yet I've seen a great deal of snow removed.

One of our reporters was in the Apollo Restaurant on Hopkins St. yesterday. He witnessed some Crystal Street residents giving the plow operators a hard time. He said they questioned the snow removers for taking a break. This is unfortunate. They deserve a break just like anyone else. The same witness told me the people on Allegany Street were bringing hot cocoa and coffee to the weary snow removers. Two streets. Two different approaches.

We were talking at dinner time tonight about the Blizzard of 77. The whole street (including many elderly residents) came out and shoveled Spaulding Street in South Buffalo. The street was one of those old brick streets and not very plow-friendly. We didn't call the news and complain about the mayor. Times have really changed. The only way the whole street would come out today would be if the government was giving something out for free.
Now, everyone wants things taken care of immediately. It doesn't always work that way. I think the approach the workers took was pretty sensible. They created giant piles of snow and are now transporting those piles to the old steel plant site. In my opinion, they've done a good job and people should just be thankful for all the things they have.


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