Thursday, December 2, 2010

Don't blame me. I voted for crazy Carl

Could you imagine having an $80,000/yr part time job and having the nerve to demand a raise? That's what is going on behind the scenes in Albany right now, where state lawmakers are starting their annual whining session. Most work in other lucrative jobs and still somehow find the time to serve us. Their schedule as lawmakers must be so grueling. How do they find the time to do both so poorly? (See Antoine Thompson and Sam Hoyt). From today's Buffalo News...

Even though the Assembly has no plans to return to Albany until next month, speculation has not stopped.

“Is there a desire? Yes. Have there ever been any informal discussions that I’m aware of? No,” one Western New York lawmaker said.

The push is being led by New York City area lawmakers. They feel $80,000 is not enough to get by in New York City. If that's true, why don't they use their considerable talents and find work in the private sector? The short answer is most would be paid considerably less for these "talents". For those of my readers that choose to believe things will be different with Andrew Cuomo in office, think again. Here is what he was quoted as saying today:

Gov.-elect Andrew M. Cuomo would not rule out a pay raise measure next year, saying only, “I’ve heard no talk” about a pay raise bill this month.

Would he consider signing a pay increase after taking office?

“Next year, we would look at it,” Cuomo replied.

There you go. Unemployment is at an all time high in New York State. Taxes are through the roof. But Andrew is going to look at giving his closest friends a raise on their $80,000/yr part time jobs. You can go back to burying your heads in the sand once again.

No basis found for speculation on pay raises for state legislators - Albany - The Buffalo News


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