Saturday, December 4, 2010

Keane's relative in charge of Thruway Authority?

Here's a funny clip from channel 2 regarding the Thruway fiasco. We have Hollywood police officer Michael Nigrelli(who loves being on TV) telling us it was impractical for the state police to block the Thruway entrances because of manpower issues. It's funny. They seem to have no problem putting cars on almost every entrance ramp to catch speeders during the summer. Apparently, there's no money to be made when it comes to real public safety.

Then, they talk to a spokeswoman for the Vice Chairwoman for the Thruway Authority, Donna Luh. My sources are telling me she's a relative of Florida resident Jim Keane, and that she has no background in transportation issues.

I'm holding off judgment until all of the facts come in. I find it hard to believe Jim Keane would push to have one of his relatives appointed to an important position if they lack the qualifications (sarcasm intended).

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