Sunday, July 26, 2009

Who needs the Metro Community News?

This blog kind of came about by accident. Here's the story. The Metro Community News had a column called Blow off your Steam. I would email them about once every other month with my take on local events. For example, I spoke out about neighborhood topics like the closing of the Cazenovia Library. Things like that. I was very careful not to be too negative or use names because I knew they wouldn't print it.

Some people liked the rants and would tell me they read "my column" in the Metro Community News. I tried using pseudonyms but my friends still knew it was I (probably because of the topics chosen). Anyway, one day, they stopped printing my emails. Since some of the topics had been political in nature, I suspect that someone close to an elected official or an elected official himself made a phone call.I had been unceremoniously banned! They also changed the column and started printing more politically correct topics. They started refering to it as Steam. What does that even mean???

I had enjoyed provoking community discussion and figured why not eliminate the middleman? Thus, the blog was born. In the future, I hope to print positive things and announcements as well as my take on things. It certainly is not fancy. Videos, links, cheesy pictures, etc. I think the purchase of a cheap scanner might be in order. I'm pleasantly shocked at the number of hits so far even if half of them are from me.

To borrow from Animal House after the poor kids had all been expelled from school at the hands of the wealthy fraternity, "we could fight them with conventional weapons but that could take years and cost millions of lives. This situation calls for a futile and stupid gesture to be done on somebody's part." And as John Belushi responded, "we're just the guys to do it." I hope you like the topics as much as I enjoy discussing them. If you're the subject of one of my posts, you're welcome to refer to me as the antichrist and throw things at me in public.

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