Friday, July 10, 2009

The Steele Brothers

Everyone knows the famous athletes and journalists that have come out of S. Bflo. (Warren Spahn, Patrick Kane, Tim Russert, Jimmy Griffin, etc.). However, one family has been completely overlooked for their role as S Bflo icons. Known as the Steele brothers, Howard, Albert, Merle, and David Steele have been known to police since the 70s as professional criminals. At least one cop has taken the time to write a book on their exploits. In fact, one of them (not sure which ) was the first person to ever escape from the Attica Correctional Facility. To add to his legend, he did it twice. One time he clung to the bottom of a garbage truck and drove off. The second time, he got his hands on a guard's uniform and walked out of prison. He went so far as to wave goodbye to his "coworkers". From what I understand, Albert Steele handles all the demolition contracts for the city and now makes a ton of money. I say good for him. The rest of the people running the city and the state are crooks. At least the Steele family has been upfront about it their entire life.
Looks like he got caught recently in possession of $5000 worth of fireworks. He was just trying to celebrate the birth of a country that has been very good to him.

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