Sunday, July 19, 2009


I've gotten some feedback regarding my latest endeavor. Many people like the blog. Despite limited exposure, it has received over 150 hits in a short period of time. Thank you to everyone for all the positive comments you've given me regarding it. They mean a great deal to me. I will be sending the link to over 800 neighborhood residents on my email lists soon. You try to get by on hard work and an education, however the people mentioned in my posts apparently have no idea what actual community service means. Most got to where they are because they were born into fortunate circumstances. Surprisingly, some of the subjects of my posts are not too fond of my work. I feel bad about this and would like to offer my sincerest apologies...

To West Seneca resident James Kane and East Amherst resident Dave Thomas, I'm sorry. And thank you for making the Bflo Public Schools the model for all other area school districts to follow.

To the Comerford family, I'm sorry for calling you entitled. I know you all work in the private sector and are uniquely qualified for every job that's ever been handed to you (oh, I mean that you earned).

To Mark Schroeder, I'm sorry. You truly have earned your $100,000.00 part time salary. It's ok that you handed both of your sons full time jobs with the city and the county. The dozens of guys that have been working as seasonal employees with no benefits for several years don't resent it. You sincerely care about the little guy. We don't need term limits. We should just declare you as an emperor and not waste any more time holding democratic elections.

To Joe Mesi, you are truly a boxing champion. Good luck with your career. I hear your next fight is against a bouncer from SoHo. The HSBC arena might be too small for such an event. You might have to hold it at the Ralph. The only question is what's going to happen first? You getting a title shot or Buffalo landing a Major League baseball team?

To Senator Bill Stachowski, I'm sorry for calling you borderline disabled. The fact that you've stayed in office for over 28 years without a single accomplishment whatsoever is impressive. It leads me to believe that you are smarter than I give you credit for.

To the Steele brothers, I'm sorry for putting you on the same page with real burglers like Goin' South.

To Goin' South, I'm sorry. You have such high integrity. With the great skills you possess and the high professionalism you display, you all could be making so much money in the private sector yet you choose to serve us by working in the public sector. Thank you.

To Mayor Urkel. I'm sorry for implying that you had no backbone and were a wimp. Thanks for being a man and admitting when your inebriated son stole the family car and nearly killed some of your neighbors. (Oh, I forgot. You tried to cover it up for nearly two weeks. Sorry.)

I promise to be much nicer during the 2nd half of 2009. In fact,I'd like to invite all of you to Cazenovia Park next week. I'll buy some Coke and we can all hold hands just like in this classic commercial.


  1. Give them hell. Somebody has to...

  2. What is really sad is that not one of them gives a s**t.

  3. Yes. I'm sure that's true. However, if I get people talking about these topics I'm happy. The people I mentioned don't stand for anything. None of them are important to me.

  4. Where's the Erin Comerford post? Hope you haven't been served. Keep up the great work.

  5. Thank you. It's back. I wish there were more positive things to bring up. Hopefully in the future.

  6. If none of these people are important to you, why talk about them so much?!?
    Seems like you need some anger management... would seem Mickey might too as it is clearly apparent you represent him.

  7. None of the people I talk about are important to me but I enjoy exposing things they are involved with, as they affect us all. If I represent Mickey, he needs to start paying me. I'll make $250 this year for running his soccer camp. That's the only job I do for him. I went to grade school and high school with him and have been good friends ever since. I support him because he's a friend and because he is not being supported by the local political machine. And the fact that he is running against an "empty suit" with 60X the amount of money he has. If I was looking for something, I would have talked to one of the local sycophants (look it up) about helping Brown. That's who the lowlifes have all gravitated towards.