Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jim Keane returns from Florida for a day

The Fresh Air Club came back to Butler Park (by Mineral Springs and Pawnee Pkwy.) and conducted a bicycle tour last weekend. They stopped at specific addresses, honored certain individuals, rode back to the park, and reminisced about how great the neighborhood was (which is why most of them moved to the suburbs).

The group dedicated this year's ride to the late Dick Keane. Dick Keane was a great guy. He and my uncle Tom Blake were best friends until their recent deaths. They both ran the famous St. Patrick's Day Luncheon at the Bflo Irish Center for years.

Pictured here with Tony "the barber" Scaccia and his son Tony Jr. is Florida resident and Dick's brother, Jim Keane. Jim came back from Florida to pretend to be from S. Bflo again for the weekend. A few years back, Keane pretty much had his bags packed for the County Executive's office. Luckily, the voters could see right through the phoniness and insincerity of this career politician and elected Chris Collins instead.

Current residents became confused when they heard all the commotion going on at the park. One was heard asking, "what are all of these crazy honkies doing over here?".


  1. As a county employee, I would rather have Jim Keane as my boss any day. Collins has no soul.

  2. That's your right. I don't know Collins and I don't work for the county. But I've met Keane several times. He's a bad actor. He's a liar and a phony (my opinion). I'm a democrat and I think I'd vote for Dr. Phil before voting for Keane. He's a circus clown.

  3. As much as I dislike all things Keane, Chris Collins is a scumbag.