Saturday, July 25, 2009

Civil Disservice Lists

Many young men and women pay the $15-$20 to take the police and fire exams for the city of Buffalo. What they don't know, if they're not part of the entitled class, is that there are two parts to the exams. The first part everyone knows about. It's where you actually take the exam and your score is recorded.
The second part is known as the shenanigan phase or making "the phone call". It's where mommy and daddy make the phone call to uncle So and So. It's where political contributions to the Mayor, County Legislator, State Reps, and Congressmen take place.
One time I scored number one on a test for Youth Program Monitor. I was not given the job as they could pick from any of the top three scores. Needless to say, they didn't want someone with a proven track record running youth programs.
I could look at the police and fire test lists and predict who will be chosen based on their scores and who their relatives are. Guess what? It will not be straight from the test scores. I'm hearing stories of connected people getting second chances to show up to interviews (after they blew off the first appointments). I'm hearing stories of people being given up to six chances to pass physicals.
Here are some lists of campaign contributions to the mayor. Check out all your S. Bflo neighbors contributing heavily. These are the people that want jobs for themselves or their kids. They are mostly self serving and should be made fun of in public as often as possible. They are mostly degenerates.


  1. Check Jim Comerford's address: a post office box in East Aurora. Huge job at City Hall and he lives in EA.

  2. Thank you. I noticed that, too. I was wondering about it. That will have to be the topic of a future post. Many of these families believe they are entitled to do whatever they want.