Thursday, June 18, 2009

on last night's news

In addition to the $80,000/year and the $25,000 for the phony committees, the state Senators and Assembleymen (including Mark Schroeder) also receive a $160 "per diem" check. So in addition to their outrageous part time salary, they also receive $160 each day for food and lodging. Are you kidding me? Mark Schroeder is always telling people to shop in their neighborhood. How many of us in "the neighborhood" earn this kind of money? It's time to go. He's had long enough to start reform if he really wanted to. Bill Stachowski, our state Senator, has a record of 28 years with no accomplishments in the Senate. Without trying to be funny, I honestly feel Stachowski is borderline disabled. These two are walking advertisements for the need for term limits. Remember, they don't want you to know how much money they are taking from our pockets.

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