Monday, June 29, 2009

Girls Travel Soccer

I was just thinking about our girls travel soccer program. We've been very lucky to have great support from all the players and parents. Unfortunately, people only end up hearing the negative stuff sometimes from me. However, from our first year until now, it's been nothing but positive from everyone. Honestly, the cooperation I've received to try and get things done has exceeded my expectations.
I'm considering stepping aside (after the summer and after getting new uniforms). My uncertain work future and health issues are the main reasons. It doesn't have anything to do with any kind of disputes with anybody. In most other areas, I'd just be a coach for one team. However, as a former serious player, I saw a greater need to do more in S Bflo. At our last tournament, I saw great support from the parents. We have a large group of people that are willing to cooperate to keep improving girls soccer in S Bflo. My decision might change. Not sure yet. I like reffing. Like coaching. But kind of losing desire to organize, etc.

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