Friday, June 26, 2009

S Bflo resident of privilege given job as Mychajliw's assistant

The Buffalo Board of Education recently gave a job to a S Bflo resident as the assistant to Stefan Mychajliw. Mychajliw had been added a short time ago as a spokesperson to Superintendent James Williams. Now the spokesperson needs an assistant? The job was given to Erin Comerford of the entitled Comerford family. So now when they tell you Byron Brown has been good for the city, you know they mean good for the Comerfords.

I spoke to the assistant superintendent James Kane on the phone. He told me Comerford was working on her PHD. This was a blatent lie. Comerford actually has just recently applied for the test to get into a PHD program. I guess the facts don't matter much when you are born with a silver spoon in your mouth. Instead of an assistant to Mychajliw, how about hiring a teacher to teach some of these students how to read? Congratulations to James Kane and the Comerfords: working together to help further their families at everyone else's expense.


  1. I have a question for you. Say for some bizarre reason, you actually had a job of some importance, and even had some influence in the hiring aspects for that company. Now, you have three candidates up for a position, all of them have the necessary qualifications for the position, but you happened to coach one of the applicants for a number of years and actually grew close to that person and had a friendship. Can you sit here and say you wouldn't hire that qualified person you know over the two people with similar qualifications that you don't know? I would hope you would take the person you knew and were fimiliar with.

    It's not like people with GED's are getting teaching jobs over you. They are qualified. Also Jim Kane has been with the schools for a long time, he did not get his job through Byron Brown or Brian Higgins, so I dont get why he is considered a "political prostitute".

    Good people find employment. If you were any good, you would be thriving in some aspect of education. By ranting and raving about the political machine in Buffalo, you are able to place the blame of your failures on every other reason other than the real reason, you aren't talented. Losers make excuses. If you can't make it in the Buffalo schools and are so talented, then go make it somewhere else. Go apply and try to interview at Nichols or Elmwood Franlin or Nardin(All well paying jobs in Buffalo with benefits). The reality is, you dont want to do that. If you interview with some independent school and they tell you thanks, but no thanks, then you have no one to blame, but your own, under achieving self. Thats the reality. You use political families as your scapegoat to hide the fact that you cant get a decent job anywhere, not just in the Buffalo schools.

  2. "It's not like people with GED's are getting teaching jobs over you. They are qualified."

    These people are getting jobs because their influencial relatives are making phone calls. That's fine. That's how our current system works. So I expose them in print. Don't I have that right?

    Most people I know with Phys Ed degrees have NOT found employment in the field (unless they move out of state). I would apply at one of those private schools if they were hiring. I'm perfectly happy as a building sub at my current school. Money isn't that important to me. I pay my bills and taxes and don't receive any public assistance. I had a very good job in social work before I had to complete my student teaching requirement.

    Just so you know, most people enjoy my blog and tell me to keep making asses out of people like you on a daily basis. But I guess we'll never know who you are. Since you're so confident in yourself you won't print your name.