Monday, October 15, 2012

8th graders at School #53 get teacher suspended

  Sharon Cantillon/Buffalo News

Lisa Lucente had been teaching Spanish and Italian at Community School 53 and Houghton Academy.
 8th grade teacher Lica Lucente was suspended for trying to instill discipline in her classroom. (Photo from Buffalo News' Sharon Cantillon).

The local media won't say it. The principal at school #53 won't say it. I'll say it. The reason suspended Spanish/Italian teacher Lisa Lucente treated her students like scumbags is because they probably were. I'm not saying Lucente's a great teacher, as I've never met her. But, if you believe the majority of her 8th graders at school #53 showed up to class willing  to do work, you're very naive...

Lucente also said that one of the students she blames for the complaints – a 15-year-old eighth-grader – told her, “I’ll get you fired yet” a few days before she was placed on leave. She said other students in the class have called her crude names and, on one occasion, made fun of her weight.

15 is kind of young for an 8th grader in some of Buffalo's public schools. Do you know how lazy one has to be to fail twice in Buffalo? I'm sure the liberals will view these kids as innocent victims of a troubled school system. But, then again, they've been watching too many TV shows. They should go sub in some of the lower performing schools and meet some of these precious snowflakes themselves. I'm sure their opinions would change quickly. There are great kids in every school, but the behavior of many students in the lower performing schools is downright atrocious. I'll guarantee the three students Lucente mentions are trouble and have been trouble since Kindergarten...

Lucente gave The News the names of three male students whom she called “ringleaders” of the group that made complaints about her. She said the three students caused problems in her classroom “pretty much every day this year,” talking loudly in class and ignoring homework assignments.

Where do you send students like this? A charter school or a private school would kick them out? Would you want your kids sitting next to them in class? Of course you wouldn't. Why do you think so many families have fled to the suburbs? 

Teachers in these neighborhood schools face a very difficult task-teaching kids from troubled families with no work ethic or interest in bettering themselves. I hope the News interviews their families so we can meet their parents. Sharon Lucente might not be a good teacher, but I can guarantee you half her class comes from the cast of the Jerry Springer Show.
Suspended teacher denies misconduct allegations*

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