Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Lifeguard nearly assaulted at Masten swimming pool

 ROUGH WATERS: The McCarren Park Pool reopened to fanfare last month, but brawling kids have prompted a heavy police presence.
The pool in Masten park was closed briefly after lifeguards reported being threatened by one of the angels swimming in the pool.

Even during WIVB's story, reporter Ed Dranch comments that he's "hearing a lot of whistles behind him" and the lifeguard's are trying to keep the kids under control.

In maybe the funniest part of the story, our empty suit mayor Steve Urkel says these incidents are "the exception", which explains the need at this particular pool for armed security guards. No, the exception would be if these future criminals showed up and actually acted civilized one day. Fortunately, most NY state prisons allow their inmates access to pools. Could you imagine any other country in the world putting up with this type of behavior from their youth?...

I guess we can expect more incidents like this to happen, since nothing is ever done to deal with it. After all, there are never any consequences for the juvenile delinquents in Buffalo. We just keep giving them everything for free and never holding them accountable for their problem causing behavior.

Apparently, this problem is not unique to Buffalo pools. The NYPD had to shut down a pool in New York after some scumbag teenagers tried to fight with the lifeguards there. One of the lifeguards wrote an article, an excerpt of which  you can read here...

Three kids were doing flips in the pool, and we were trying to get them to stop. One of my fellow lifeguards was standing on the edge of the deck.

I turned around and saw one of the kids push him into the pool and start fighting him. I jumped into the pool and tried pulling the kids off and they started jumping on me. It was really intense. It turned into a brawl with three lifeguards in the water fighting off about 15 high-school kids.

If I blow my whistle, people just give me the finger and ask why they can’t do what they’re doing. Sometimes they won’t stop until there are five of us on them, blowing our whistles and telling them to stop.

The other day, I was standing a couple feet from a cop who told this kid to get out of the water after he wouldn’t listen to the lifeguards.

“I’m not scared of no cop,” the kid said to him, and stood on the edge of the pool deck. The cop gave him a shove to get him to move, and the kid pushed him back then punched the cop in the face.

Such good kids. There is no place for dangerous behavior like this in or around pools. Of course, it's not their parents' fault they act like they do. It's got to be the teachers, lifeguards, police, etc. Let's keep placing the blame on others and ignore the fact that most of the parents sit home all day, get drunk, get stoned, play video games, and expect the rest of society to raise their kids. Haven't heard of any problems this summer regarding pools in Kenmore or Williamsville.
The deep end: Confessions of a McCarren lifeguard
Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/the_deep_end_confessions_of_mccarren_AUixF6FPNviB0rgiuGw5bJ#ixzz20qsZedVB


  1. This is what happens in a visceral environment, like we have today, where we have laws that grant lawman status to any joe schmoe, and hate for any governmental entity is preached far and wide.

    We have met the enemy, and he is us.

  2. You're right this is not the excpetionm it is a clear pattern of behavior. It basically the same story from when I guarded in the late 80's. These kids have no respect. I took a d-cell battery to the back of the head because I kicked a 10 year old out of JFK. At Schiller we had near riots when they threw a female guard into the pool. All the lifeguards abandoned the deck and we left these animals to sink or swim. The pool was shut down for a day or two until they were able to assign the BPD to patrol the park and pool.

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