Monday, March 25, 2013

Attention Mark Schroeder supporters:

When Mayor Brown announced his reelection plans last Saturday, the only South Buffalo politician standing behind him on the stage was none other than Tim "Horton's" Kennedy. I wonder how the friends and family of rumored mayoral candidate Mark Schroeder felt about this? I guess we'll find out next summer, when little Timmy asks them to vote for HIM. That's a lot of South Buffalo Democrats Timmy was willing to offend in order to obtain his 30 pieces of silver from Mayor Urkel.

I spoke to one high ranking South Buffalo political type who told me that more than a few former supporters were livid at Kennedy for putting himself ahead of the neighborhood yet again. "Please don't mention my name. But I can tell you, there will be retribution when Kennedy goes up for reelection. He's really gone too far this time."

Even members of Kennedy's beloved South Buffalo clique have seen enough of Corky.

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